Golf carts are very useful vehicles; and are a true multi-purpose vehicle. However, deciding which cart is the best cart for you can seem like a daunting task with all of the many different options. In the blog, we will answer a couple of our most asked questions as well and provide some ideas for all of the many uses for your new golf cart!

Here at Interstate Cycle, we want to take the confusion out of buying a golf cart and make it a fun and exciting buying experience for you and your family. As an authorized E-Z-GO Golf Cart dealer we are trained to know the answers to some of the tough questions. Come by today and let us help you get into the cart of your dreams and help you keep it running for the next 30 years!

Here are some of the top uses for Golf Carts; other than catching rays and playing a nice round of golf! 🙂

Transportation to Outbuildings, Stables, and Swimming Pools
College Campus Transport/Security Patrols
Farm and Commercial Property Maintenance
Gardening and Spreading Mulch
Vacation Property and/or Transportation around Camp Grounds
Transportation for Disabled / People with Limited Mobility
Airport / Entertainment Venue Transport
Weddings and Special Events
As you can see the uses for a golf-cart and endless and we would love to hear some of the uses that we have mentioned that you guys have thought of.

One question that we often get from our customers is, should I buy a Gas Golf Cart or an Electric Golf Cart?

In some cases, this decision may be made for you. Many communities, resorts, and campgrounds only allow Electric golf carts…. so make sure you know the rules of your community. If your community allows both types of carts then it boils down to personnel preference. The longevity of both the Gas and Electric cart is equal; as long as you perform the regular required maintenance. It’s a good idea to think about maintenance when it breaks down, and it will break down. If you buy an electric you must possess a good bit of electrical knowledge or be prepared to take it back to the dealer and let them perform the work. With a gas cart, if you or someone you know has knowledge of basic gas motors, you can usually do any basic repairs and save yourself some cash on service bills. Regardless of the cart type you choose, there will be maintenance and service required. Choosing the type of cart you buy needs to be totally your decision; do not let a dealer talk you into one cart or the other. Do your research and have an idea of your needs prior to going to a dealership.

Another question that we often get is, what is the difference between a New or Used Golf Cart?

Here are our thoughts on this topic. If you cannot assess a cart and are not mechanical we advise you to purchase your golf cart of a reputable dealer. There are many “good deals” on used golf carts out there. Yet, as many good deals as there are; there are also MANY more not so good deals! At Interstate Cycle we are an authorized E-Z GO Golf Cart Dealer and take pride in offering our customers the best.

You may ask; what makes a dealer “authorized?” An authorized dealer will have a trained sales staff that is knowledgeable about the carts they carry. They will carry carts year-round; have a trained service department, keep a large inventory of carts and they will also stock parts and accessories for the different model carts. In addition to all of that; an authorized dealer is backed by the full sales, service and tech support of the factory. Authorized dealers have earned the “authorized” status by proving and adhering to strict manufacturer policies. So, as you can see authorized dealers have a lot invested in their facilities, inventory, and employees. All of this is to give you the best buying and extended service experience possible.

Another question we often get is, can I make this Golf Cart Street Legal?

This is a question is tricky to answer as it varies by city, state and even community. We know there are places in South Carolina at the beach that allow you to operate a golf cart on the road. However, this does not mean that the cart is “street legal.” The only truly street legal golf cart that is sold by E-Z-GO is the 2Five LSV cart. This cart has 3-point seat belts and hip restraints for all passengers (including the back seats), DOT approved safety glass windshield, turn signals with 4-way flashers, headlights, rear tail lights, brake lights, DOT approved tires, mirrors, AC Motor that allows for quicker acceleration, 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes and a VIN number in order to register your vehicle with the state. As you can see a street legal golf cart is much more in-depth than just having a turn signal kit and mirrors.

We are excited to carry E-Z-GO Golf Carts and to be an authorized dealership. Stop by and see our selection of colors and models. We offer special upgraded packages with two-toned seats and wheel and tire upgrades. Come by and let us get you riding around your neighborhood in style.

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